Men’s Toupees


  • PU & monolace base
  • Front to back 9inch base
  • Side to side 6inch base
  • 130% density
  • 7 inch hair length
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The most widely used professional toupee is the lace & PU base as it gives a durable fitting, breathable and undetectable appearance.


Each premium 100% human Remy hair is hand knotted for the ultimate natural look wherever the hair is parted or styled.


Perfect for those with a balding or thinning top area for a feather light, comfortable feel while gaining full natural look coverage.


With the longer than average 7 inch length to the hair you can cut and shape to a multitude of styles without restrictions.

Additional information

Toupee Color

Midnight Black, Dark Brown, Warm Brown, Light Golden Brown, Golden Blonde